Settle Your Scores - Keep Your Chin Up and Your Expectations Down

March 18, 2018 - 1033 views

From the new album BETTER LUCK TOMORROW - coming APRIL 13 2018 - Pre-Order here -

Produced By: Johnny Franck



At this point I think we're both aware that this is going nowhere. Every lull in the conversation is a pretty clear indication that we're wrong. A different girl, a different name but the story stays the same. Maybe she doesn't get my jokes. Maybe she snorts her 20s up her nose. Is it just me? Do I lure crazy? Are my sights set too high? Are we meant to compromise? I think we better say goodnight and hope for better luck tomorrow. And maybe if we say goodbye then things will finally fall in place. I thought that after all this time my life would turn out fine. But I guess we better say goodbye because you and I can't see eye to eye tonight. I'm trying to be patient but I don't think I can take this. I've been looking for love in hopeless places. Just empty hearts with pretty faces. Always at the wrong spot always at the wrong time. I'll blame it on my bad luck. Or is the fault all mine? I don't know if I can go back home alone another night in a row.