Keep It Quiet - Black & Blue

December 13, 2017 - 1338 views

Check out our new single "Black & Blue" off of our upcoming album!

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I stood and watched it unfold from a distance 
Even after countless hours it's still hard to believe
Where did I go wrong? I'll take back everything I've done. every night and every day I'm searching to find the evidence you left behind for me.

One time through and you'll be black and blue but you'll come around. You can give in or you can give up it gets tough you can always turn it around . Fall asleep fall asleep to the sound of everything you're dreaming of and everything you've lived without.

I saw a bright little light from the north it shadowed over my head to the floor. It's beginning to make more sense now I’m beginning to understand. Standing out in the dark is just like painting pictures without your hands.

You made no difference you say the same things over and over again

This hasn't started but I can tell that your storms will never end