Woman Crush Wednesday November 7th

November 08, 2018 - 271 views

Lauren’s soaring into the mid-week with her Woman Crush Wednesday show and tonight is jammed full to the brim of new releases, breakthrough bands you need to watch out for and also some classic tracks all featuring at least one female member. If you’re looking for more diversity or representation in your metal, this is the place to start!

and of course Lauren’s soon to be revealed Woman Crush of the Week which is announced at the end of the show.

Flowerleaf – Not My Fault featuring Mylena Monaco
Royal Thunder – The Sinking Chair
Cellar Darling – Insomnia
Torture Squad – Don’t Cross My Path
Sylvaine – Abeyance
Godless Throne – Twofold
Crashing Atlas – Monster
Burning Witches – Open Your Mind
Delain – Suckerpunch
Blackthorn – Necromance
King Woman – Hierophant
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh – On The Inside
Sirenia – Into The Night
Nova Twins – Mood Swings
Follow the Cipher – Play With Fire
Phantom Blue – Why Call It Love
Blind Ivy – Apogee
Hands off Gretel – S.A.S.S.
Chambers – Tales of Adoration
Ms. Mohammed – Pandora
Arch Enemy – Taking Back My Soul