The Pappa D Show May 18th

May 18, 2019 - 133 views

Featuring 2 hours of Folk, Viking and Celtic Metal..with a dash of Symphonic can only mean one thing, the Gateway to your Weekend Pappa D is back On Air tonight. 

With 4 tracks back to back in "The Middle Of The Show", this week includes tracks from;

Oakenshield - Death of Baldr
Wind Rose - The Returning Race
Claymorean - Gods of Chaos
Pimea Metsa - Varangarian Odissy
Tuatha De Danann - Queen of the Witches
The Privateer - A Sequal from a Distant Visit
Kivimetsan Druidi - Jaassa Varttunut
Gymir - Valkyrie of Sorrow
Thyrfing - Angestens Hogbord
Gladenfold - The Forsaken
Ty Morn - Fall on Your Sword
Savage Messiah - Down and Out
Toxpack - Arschloch
Alien Weaponry - Kai Tangata
Mongol - To The Wind
Summoning - Where Hope and Daylight Die
Celtic Legacy - Children of the Sky
Glitertind - Landkjenner
Bathory - Nordland