The Pappa D Show - March 9th

March 10, 2018 - 430 views

Friday is the end of the week, and Pappa D had some epic tunes to see in your weekend



Unleash The Archers - General of the Dark Army
Huntress - Eight of Swords
Orphaned Land ft Hansi Kursch - Like Orpheus
Myrath - Tale of the Sands
Tennger Cavalry - The Wolf Ritual
Nine Treasures - Fable of Mangas
Borealis - Sign of no Return
Xael - Apathy of the Immortal
Rectified Spirit - Winter in Thine Eyes
Secret Illusion - Eerie
Chaska - Imperio Caido
Indoraza - Todas las sangres
Aztra - Sin Opcion 
Tierra Mystica - Golden Courtyard
Divine Sword - Era of Ice
Icewind - Signs of Temptation
Metalwings - Slaves of the Night
Netherfell - Fire of Demise
Spellblast - Lost in the Forest
Sellsword - Against the Wind