Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock February 10th 2018

February 10, 2018 - 402 views

This  had JayRock had another 2 hours jam acked with First Plays, and also included an interview with Metal Meyhem Radio's Squirrel and South Coast band Junkyard Sons



My Diligent Future - Dreamchaser
Felicity - Circles
Without Tomorrow - Broke
Audium - Fight
Cold Kingdom - Not Tonight
Too Close to Touch - Burn
X-Empire - End of Integrity
Beyond These Walls - Drowning
Stateside - Neon
Amor - Clockwork
Tempting Fate - I'd Rather Burn
Emmure - Natural Born Killer
Tempting Fate - I'd Rather Burn
Garden of Thorns - Broken
Breathing Theory - Uprise
The New Age - To Be Alive
From Ashes To New - Crazy
Patient Sixty-Seven - Before you Go
The Hunting Circus - Priorities
The Rocket Dolls - She's Starting Something Now
Story Of The Year - Praying For Rain