Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock April 13th

April 14, 2018 - 453 views

This weeks show os another belting 2 hours that features not only the following bands, but also an interview with Metal Meyhem Radio's Lexi, and Joe from The Rocket Dolls

Let Them Fall - Midgard
Forbidden Seasons - Wormhole
Among Them - Purpose
Vacant Home - Knifes Edge
The Raven Age - Surrogate
Sleeping Dog - Cold Reign
Shovelhead - Big Time Loser
Nebulae - Countdown
The Alpha Fire - Castaway
I, The Mapmaker - Ghostwalker
I Am King - Crosses
Hitwood - Apocalyptic Omen
Sense of Fear - Unbreached Walls
Traded Moments - Chasing Shadows
Living in False Eyes - In The Dark
Beneath The Silence - Hate Me
Agonize The Serpent - Ghost
Alazka - Everglow
Ambleside - Blur
Ghost - Rats
Valiant Hearts - Kissing Constellations
Sondag - Promised To Lie
Colour Shade - Composure
Sink The Ship - Everything