Not The Punk Rock Show with Jamie May 21st

May 22, 2019 - 178 views

Not The Punk Rock Show returns tonight with Jamie at the helm of a 2 hour Punk-Extravaganza.

Featuring up and coming punk bands from the UK and around the world, this week includes tracks from;

1. Banned From The Pubs - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
2.A Long Cold Summer - Klammer
3.Tell Them Where To Go - Cable Ties
4.70's Street Munchies - Amyle and the Sniffers
5.War,Death,Famine,Plague - Agnosy
6.Rot In Sin - Implement
7.Dead Parade - Extiction of Mankind
8.Void of Form - Witchtrial
9.So Punk - Urgent Matter
10.Break Up, Make Up - Darts(US)
11.Chimera - Game
12.Howling Mind - Enzyme
13.Rising - System of Hate
14.Monumnets of Faith - Pawns
15.Labyrintitis - Screen Wives
16.Million Dollar Downstroke - Mod Vigil
17.Chasing The Dreams - The Hostiles
18.25 Days - Bottlekids
19.Eternity - The Rude Dudez
20.U.D.I.(Demo) - Slow Faction
21.Only The Bad Remains - Primitive Hands
22.Unfit To Load - Internal Credit
23.Müllpresse - Benzin
24.Frontière - Ansiax
25.Exit Years - Sickones
26.Hot House - Terra Soror
27.Pure Auto - Metz
28.Resume - Dasher
29.Hallow Water - Arctic Flowers
30.F.T.C. - Full Contact
31.Abolition - Kaleidoscope
33.Gimme Shelter - Dead Arms
34.Estrela De Manha - Rakta
35.A Strange Perfume - Membranes
36.No Mans Land - Imperial Wax
37.Ballad of Oiwa - Ötzi
38.Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys