Hard Rock Nights November 6th

November 07, 2018 - 243 views

Brian Basher is back tonight on Hard Rock Nights in what he claims is a Greta Van Fleet free zone, and features a ton of new releases, the Flashback Vault and tracks from the Classics of Rock.

This weeks show features tracks from; 

Slipknot – All Out Life
Skull Fist – Better Late Than Never
Striker – Head First
Metal Church – Out of Balance
Thunder – She's So Fine
Redfern & Hutchinson & Ross – Rapture
Bad Touch – Dressed To Kill
The Quireboys – When I'm Away From You
Jetbone – It's So Hard
Honeymoon Suite – Love Changes Everything
Tyketto – Burning Down Inside
H.E.A.T. - Drink Alone
Mr. Big – Everbody Needs A Little Trouble
Slash – My Antedote
Altitudes & Attitude – Out Here
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons - Ringleader
The Night Flight Orchestra – Can't Be That Bad
Queensryche – In This Light
The Temperance Movement – Caught In The Middle
Echo Del Tusker – Fix Your Face
WolveSpirit – Fire & Ice
Be The Wolf – Trigger Discipline
Monster Truck – Thundertruck
Sebastian Bach – Our Love Is A Lie
Sebastian Bach – Love Is A Bitchslap
Chrome Division – Walk Away In Shame
Highride – A Good Day (To Die)