#FirstPlays with JayRock May 18th

May 19, 2019 - 169 views

#FirstPlays, the new name for Saturday Late Breakfast is back this evening with JayRock, and this week features another 2 hours of Local Bands from around the globe.

The show that features brand new or recently released Melodic Heavy Rock and Metalcore releases that have never been played on Metal Meyhem Radio, and often not on any other radio station anywhere... as well as "Ondy's Track of the Week".

Featuring tracks from;

The Beautiful Monument - Stay
Breather - Your Body Seperates
Shallow Side - Sound The Alarm
Skypunch - Abiogenesis
RXPTRS - Vultures
Rains - Fighting
Carry The Crown - Caught In The Middle
Lights On The Coast - Memories
Wake Theory - Guardian
Everlit - Unbreakable
Vexes - Head Over Heels
Seasons For Change - Sign
Dead Phoenix - This Is War
glasskey - Conservation
As Cities Burn - Hollowed Out
iamlamprey - Bleed
Rosabella - Obstacles & Common Sense
Ravenface - The Line
My Tin Apple - Juliet
Elwood Stray - Trespass
**OTOTW** Tears Of A Fallen Hero - Room 4
Nevertel - Down
My Only - ..unfamiliar
Visionary - Don't Think Twice
Viridian - Strain
As Cities Burn - Hollowed Out