The Swarming July 9th

July 14, 2018 - 1292 views

Portsmouth & Southsea's Premier music venue The Edge of the Wedge sets the scene for the monthly event known as The Swarming

Starting around 5 months ago to help kick start the Rock & Metal scene in the Portsmouth area, the event showcases 3 to 4 local bands.

Having already had some varied nights, this month's July 9th event focused on Hard Rock bands and featured; Lonely Dakota supported by The Wild Claims, Bitterman and Sigma Falls

Metal Meyhem Radio attended and managed to catch up with 3 of the four bands that played. We send our apologies to Sigma Falls for missing their set.

Bitterman were the second band up for the evening, and as it was revealed later, was just 4th gig for the band. A mix of kicking angry sludge rock with some aggressive vocals thrown in for good measure really got the vibe of the set going. These guys usually play in punk bands, so slowing the pace was a refreshing change...even if the vocalist had trouble standing still!!

However, just as you thought you may have this band figured out, the style of the last song of the set was a complete wild card...Doom Metal.

Despite only having gigged 4 times together as a band, they were tight and show signs of potential.  

If they got themselves well organised from within, this band has potential.

Next up on the bill was a two piece band going by the name The Wild Claims,  a 2 piece Guitar and drum band

A contrast to the previous band Bitterman, The Wild Claims dispite being only half the size was like a high octance blues, punk garage rock infusion.

Ben on guitar was playing the part of bass, rhythm and lead all in one, and Simon on drums plays left handed,

With lyrics that were deep and meaningful...this band has something to say, both in terms of the music they play, and in the lyrics they write. I spoke with the guys after, and they clearly want to get something off their chest...will you listen? You should.

Finally in a swift set change, headline act Lonely Dakota were ready to get the set going

Lonely Dakota are a 4 piece rock band based in Portsmouth, Southampton, and London.

Pulling inspiration from bands such as Shinedown, Seether, Guns n Roses, Black Stone Cherry, and Alice in Chains, this is a straight up in your face, kick ass and take names rock band.

In a set of originals, they did pull one cover version out of the fact, it was a cover of a cover. Seether's cover of the George Michael classic Careless Whisper... and as covers of covers go, they nailed it!

The rest of the set were filled with band originals which had the Edge rocking the rest of the night out.

If you want a band that is solid and hard hitting, then look no further.

So when the music stopped and the Edge of the Wedge started to empty, it gave me time to reflect on the events that have been in the past 5 months, it kept me keen and excited for the next The Swarming event on August 5th, and then the half day Festival Swarmfest. This will not disappoint.......


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