Microsoft Azure MCSA 70-535 Certification Exam - Nail This Exam Easily

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Microsoft Azure MCSA 70-535 Certification Exam - Nail This Exam Easily

Cloud computing has gained popularity in as far as technological innovative solutions are concerned. This is where you store and manage data in remote servers through the internet. It has brought flexibility and efficiency in accessing data. It has also cut expenditure costs in most organizations. Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft, used to host online web applications hence the designing of Microsoft MCSA Azure - 70-535 certification exam.

Microsoft 70-535 exam tests your ability to perform cloud computing tasks. The tasks include designing network, infrastructure, data management and system security in cloud computing. All these tasks are covered in the exam at a different percentage for each task.

No prerequisites are required for this exam. However, to be able to pass you should have basic knowledge of cloud computing. This exam is designed for IT professionals who are familiar with Azure cloud services and are able to design high quality cloud applications.

Microsoft 70-535 exam detailsthat you must know

This exam tests six main areas of cloud computing. These are:

• Designing devices and applications for cloud computing – 20-25%
• Capability of data implementation – 15-20%
• Creation of virtual networks – 15 -20%
• Security management – 20-25%
• Creating solutions – 10-15%
• Creation of operations – 10-15%

Why should you become Microsoft 70-535 certified?

Microsoft 70-535 has brought flexibility

Organizations have switched to cloud computing since it is efficient and can handle a large number of clients with no issues. Due to this Microsoft 70-535 certification has become very marketable and very useful when it comes to flexibility in data storage and access.

Reduction of costs

Azure cloud services by Microsoft has lowered cost for businesses because it has the ability to scale up or down the assets according to how they are utilized. This has made Microsoft 70-535 certification popular and grow in demand.

High job opportunities

Azure cloud services has been adopted by many organizations due to their flexibility and efficiency. This has hence created many job opportunities for Microsoft 70-535 certified professionals.

Knowledge and skills

During preparation for Microsoft 70-535 you gain a lot of knowledge and skills. No matter your reasons for the certification, you will have gained a lot of knowledge and skills that will be part of your success story.

Advancing your career

Earning a Microsoft 70-535 certification takes your career level one step high. You acquire more skills and knowledge and also join a community of professionals in your career field.

Why is Microsoft 70-535 certification so popular?

• Organizations are now preferring cloud computing hence the need for 70-535 certification professionals.
This certification has reduced costs on technology for organizations by introducing cloud computing.
Flexibility and efficiency has reached an optimum level through use of Microsoft 70-535 professionals.
Azure cloud services which has largely been adopted by businesses and institutions globally is a product of Microsoft. This makes 70-535 certification popular.

What to do to pass your Microsoft 70-535 exam

• Use the recommended study and training materials.
Prepare a study plan.
Do practical experiments.
Relax during the exam.
Identify a learning technique for you.

Microsoft 70-535 exam questions details you need to know

This exam consists of 40-60 multiple choice questions. A period of two hours thirty minutes is allocated to complete the exam. It is an English exam with a passing score set at 70%.

What are the tips for passing Microsoft 70-535 certification exam?

Take enough time to prepare

Microsoft 70-535 is easy to pass only if you prepare well. Good preparation involves studying and understanding all the exam topics. If you are able to answer all practice questions correctly, then you are good to go.

Review exam objectives

Exam objectives giveyou an overview of what to expect in the exam. This gives you a layout of what to study on.

Make use of practice questions

Microsoft Azure 70-535 Practice questions are the best resource to practice what you have studied. Through this, you identify what you are yet to understand and also learn how to avoid several mistakes during exam.

Studying when most alert

Don’t just study anytime, do it when you are most alert. By this you capture more information and understand better. What you study is retained in your memory longer during this time.

How did I pass Microsoft 70-535 exam?

I knew from the beginning of my career in IT that Microsoft 70-535 certification will up my skills. However, I was reluctant to take it for fear of failure. My encounter with professionals at my work place encouraged me on taking it. I hence took the first steps and searched for study materials.

After gathering the recommended study materials, I realized I couldn’t set aside time to study. The only way that I could come out of that was to prepare a study plan. This pushed me to study even when I did not want to. After days of studying I realized that the use of video tutorials made me understand better so I stuck to it.

I felt that notes and tutorials alone may not be sufficient, and I had to take practical experiments as advised by professionals who had done this before me. This worked so well for me and now I recommend it to aspiring candidates who come to me for advice.

The exam was not easy but the confidence I had while tackling it assured me of success.

Always have this in your mind: that hard work and dedication is all you need to pass Microsoft 70-535 exam.  

What are the best training courses for Microsoft 70-535 exam?

Architecting Microsoft® Azure Solutions (70-535) certification training course

It provides practical trainings on Azure solutions, their design and architecture.

70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Course on Udemy– this training covers in depth all the Microsoft 70-535 exam topics. It is up to date and easy to understand.

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions course on – this covers cloud computing, IT and Azure.

Are Microsoft 70-535 exam dumps helpful?

Microsoft 70-535 exam questions are different each time but that does not mean that the exam dumps are not helpful. Exam dumps acts as an example to show you how the exam you expect is like. You are therefore less anxious during the exam time. By reading through and practicing with the questions and answers in the exam dumps you learn how to answer exam questions.

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Organizations always want to cut costs while maintaining flexibility, efficiency and data security. Cloud computing has brought all this as a single package,more especially the popular Azure cloud services. Microsoft 70-535 certification has also made it easier for organizations by bringing professionals who are familiar with cloud computing. Development of Azure cloud services is the best thing to have happenedto organizations and businesses all over the world.Any skill or tool that leads to reduced business costs, while at the same time delivering quality, is worth investing in.