Local Band GLOVE have announced a Christmas Food Drive

October 30, 2018 - 605 views

Local band GLOVE have announced a Christmas Food Drive.

Today Glove have announced via social media that they will be running a Christmas Food Drive.

The band had this to say:

"This Christmas while you are all with family and friends, eating lush food and drinking mulled wine and scoffing down that last mince pie, just because its there, there will be without a doubt people, families and kids in our community that unfortunately will be without all these things that we feel makes Christmas so special.

It is the time of year where we should be more giving and think about what we have and what's important to us and think of all the people that struggle and all the people who are on their own. This food drive, we hope, will help give people in our town and community who struggle or are down on their luck, people with little or no income, a better Christmas.

We ask that you donate what you can. A pack of mince pies or a tin of Pringles, tins and bottles, a tub of biscuits or sweets or anything you have at the back of the cupboard or if you go do your Christmas shop, pick up an extra tube of Pringles or bottle of pop, mince pies or whatever you can. it will all help and it will go to people in our community and it will make a difference to their Christmas. Thank you in advance. GLOVE"

Check out the Dedicated page by clicking the link below:


Donations will be given to The Littlehampton Baptist Church and for full details on where to donate please head to the about section on Gloves Christmas Food Drive page.

Please donate what you can, it will all help.

Reported by Squirrel.