DungeönHammer - "Infernal Moon"

October 11, 2018

OUT TODAY! DungeönHammer - "Infernal Moon"

After 2 split 7" singles on Bestial Invasion Records, old-school black metal outfit DungeönHammer rises again from the French/Dutch underground to present its debut album, "Infernal Moon". With 8 tracks of blistering and repulsive black metal, Infernal Moon is bubbeling with the purulence and decay of the classic bands from days past.
The band comments on the album: "This album is the kind of album you need to hear nowadays, it's not about trend or anything. It's an "in your face"/direct approach. We want to make black metal the way it used to be: simple, raw and passionate."
For fans of Discharge, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Bathory

Me Saco Un Ojo

R. Drums 
E. Vocals, Guitars
 1. Infernal Moon
 2. Sworn In Blood
 3. Empire de la Mort
 4. Solitudinem Mysteriis
 5. Perpetual Funeral Winds
 6. Stigma Diaboli
 7. Oracle Of Death
 8. Ad Infinitum