March 06, 2019 - 477 views

Betrayal of trust will hit you hard if you aimed for a specific genre when you paid for The Vile Manifesto.

In the music industry, no matter what part you’re in, disrespecting the definitions of boundaries for sub-genres while not letting anonimity overshadow your effort is one rugged journey to pick. However, Portuguese act Destroyers of All, find a way to blend genres in a constrained yet pleasing way after release of three records which includes an EP, their first, Into The Fire.


What rule states that you can’t have the agitating Obscura bass and Animals As Leaders‘ playfully mixed guitar sounds at the same time? The problem is mainly caused from a bygone state of mind, closing doors to new ideas, and to be honest, as long as it’s good music, who cares if it’s called technical death or progressive metal? Jumping from one tempo to another inbetween songs , messing around with the 90’s thrash metal riffs and sticking to some eastern melodies here and there are what Destroyers of All have put in their best after six years of being in the game with mind-blowing resonance.


The Vile Manifesto
provides listeners with nine songs which some of them cover ancient concepts, such as Ashmedai or Sheol. While lyrics are pretty much engrossing in ways, there are some issues with song-writing that prevents the listeners from captivating the essence of their latest full-length. Riffs played when Ashmedai kicks off or the lead guitars in False Idols don’t rhyme with the band’s progression in sound, in fact, they sound really immature for a band this technical. Also this album feels more like a playlist of good songs that don’t make a great album when they’re put in order.


To sum it up, even though The Vile Manifesto has it’s down-side, they do a great job at blending all the genres together, and making a promising sound that resonates more and more with each record. If you’re fans of technical death, progressive and black metal, with sharp production and eerie vocals then give this record a shot. The Vile Manifesto was released February 2, 2019 via Mosher Records.


Score: 3.25 / 5

Arman Dins