Sweet Jonny Xmas Show Init

December 03, 2018 - 297 views
On December 14, 2018
19:10 - 23:10
The Cave at The Holly tree
25 High Street
KT15 1TT, Addlestone

Sweet Jonny Xmas Show Init

Yeah boi, it's Christmas time once more and that means we'll be making a massive din again with our annual end season Xmas piss up/gig. This year we have:

Sweet Jonny Gutter garage rockers, yes your new nightmare neighbours.

G.Y.B - Addlestones favourite punk sons and heroes, partial to and creators of the fabled/feared Wrongbow.

Idle Bones - Their spooky, their kooky and they hail from Brighton with a punk rock n roll twist. Perfect!

Need we say more, it will be a classic banger and this year we're hosting it at our home from him The Cave. Get on down init!
Free from 7!